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  Come dance with me, Come sing my song

Come walk with me, the old and the young

Come laugh with me, come share my tears

Join in the dance and the song

1. In all that he did Jesus Christ sang a song

Sometimes he sang softly, and at times he sang strong

In his stories, his courage, and his death it was heard

A song that rang out, through all of the world

2. And all those that had heard it, joined in the song

They sang to each other, and more sang along

They danced as they sang, and walked hand in hand

And carried the song through all of the lands

3. Throughout the years in the lives of the great

The song was sung with power and grace

At times it was dimmed as some lost the way

But the song, it lived through, again and again

4. And down through the years, the song came to us

Its beauty, its power, to us it is passed

To sing to our children, for their ears to hear

For their voices to sing, year after year

5. In singing this song, we can’t sing alone

The most beautiful song the world’s ever known

In the melody and harmony of voices as one

The voice of Jesus is heard sure and strong

© Andrew Chinn, 2000

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