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Making Board Games.

Making Board Games in 3/4 S


Pets are animals that are not wild.There are many different

Kitchen Garden.

Kitchen Garden

AFL Clinic 2013

Green Day

Green Day

Starting our Claymation Unit

Starting our Claymation


This term we are learning about claymation. We will be using plasticine products to create our claymation creatures and setting. View the short films below and leave feedback about your ideas for you own claymation.


A method of animation in which clay figures are filmed using stop-motion photography.

We will be using ipads to film our claymation and we will be working in small groups so as the claymation is highly supported and creative!

Homework ~ Persuasion Is All Around You

You might be surprised at how many people and businesses are trying to convince you to do things every day. You only have to watch commercials, read the paper, look at the ads in your magazines, or read the billboards as you’re driving home to see that persuasion is all around you.

1. What is the title of your persuasive example and where did you find it?

2. Who is trying to persuade you?

3. What are they trying to persuade you to do?

4. Do you think their argument is convincing? Why or why not?

Exploring Poetry

During Term One we studied poetry. We viewed videos and read some famous poems. You can view these videos too on our ‘Literacy’ page. After we researched poetry we then selected a poem that we would recite to our peers. We were allocated groups and were able to use as many or as little props as we liked. With some sessions to gather ideas, select lines and rehearse, we finally presented to our class late in Term One. Here are our recitals. 


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